• Aids Hilfe Wien

    Mariahilfer Gürtel 4, 1060 Wien Wien, Austria

The Pleasure of Hacking Sabrina Verhage Sometimes in order to gain a better understanding of how things actually work, you've got to take them apart. In this workshop we will hack sex toys, take control of their behavior and design them to our own desire. We will explore the technology that makes our toys vibe and share a variety of ways to go about hacking them. By experimenting with sex tech, we can break taboos and change the status quo, creating a more diverse, inclusive, and positive culture of sexuality. 120 min. The workshop is held in English. The workshop is very accessible and low threshold; for anyone who is interested in thinking about hacking, sex toys, exploring pleasure and technology. Very beginner friendly; ideal for someone who has affinity with technology. Bring your own laptop or sensors (not a must) or interesting technology that you would like to play with. Bring your own sex toys; bluetooth controlled sex toys or sex toys that you allow to be destroyed (e.g. broken toys) - also not a must. Sabrina Verhage is a creative technologist highly fascinated by the influence of modern technology on human behavior. Striving to make knowledge more accessible and fun, Sabrina teaches how to hack sex toys for pleasure, intimacy and empowerment. accessibility: Please note that this requires fine motor skills. Auditory perception is required.