• Aids Hilfe Wien

    Mariahilfer Gürtel 4, 1060 Wien Wien, Austria

Anal Joy Ella Welcome to a celebration of the butt! As a true non-binary genital, butts can be played with in any gender constellation - and that can unlock some very juicy new dynamics. We'll start slowly with a discussion around pleasure, shame, and everything in between from the perspective of the anus and get all soft and vulnerable. Then we'll enter a skill sharing on butt techniques and finish off with some space for exploration - from playing with butts to trying on strap ons! Full participation is possible without taking off any clothes! Full participation is also possible while completely naked ;) Please bring a towel or sheet to play on and optionally any toys you’d like to play with! 120 min. The workshop is held in English. Please bring along a towel or sheet to put under them while playing, optionally any anal toys they’d like to play with. Ella is a compassionate intimacy activist known for creating safe workshop spaces where the societal armor can be left at the door. They skillfully simplify complex theories and use humor to tackle heavy subjects with lightheartedness, while still honoring emotional depth. Accessibility: Wheelchair friendly, neurodivergent friendly! Cannot support someone who needs a carer as I’m alone and need to tend to the group.

Sprache: Deutsch