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CLOSING FILM 2024 We are excited to host the world premiere of the film Chaos by Anoushka! Chaos by Anoushka, France 2023, 86 minutes, French with English subtitles Beyond its intense exploration of toxic relationships and domestic violence, "Chaos" stands as a moving ode to sisterhood and the strength of women. The film celebrates the power of female bonds, offering an inspiring vision of unity and emancipation at the heart of a complex story. "Chaos" is much more than a film about domestic violence; it's a poignant exploration of inner strength, self-reconstruction, and the possibility of cultivating new life dreams. Through "Chaos", Anoushka reveals fragments of her own story, creating a sincere, authentic and cathartic work that will resonate in the hearts of many women. By exploring her intimacy and emotions through the prism of fiction, Anoushka offers us a profound reflection on love and personal reconstruction, all wrapped up in a bold cinematic narrative. In the presence of Anoushka (director)


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