KLAPPE by Jürgen Brüning´24
  • Votiv Kino

    Währinger Straße 12, 1090 Wien, Austria

Klappe by Jürgen Brüning Germany 2022, 64 Minutes, German/English/Spanish with English subtitles Shamelessly, Jürgen Brüning samples and remixes clips and scraps of material from his own work as a director and producer (among others for Bruce LaBruce & Shu Lea Cheang) with borrowed pop cultural references from around the world for this video essay on gay identity. His reflections are connected by songs that address miscellaneous news and social issues with egalitarian verve, sung by hot guys in a public toilet. The rousing songs have been written and composed by Claudia Fierke, Stefan Kuschner and Matthias Köninger. A film full of meandering associations and unexplained references, it's at the same time a political musical and the taking stock of a romantic revolutionary. Anti-religious, anti-authoritarian and somehow also a bit anti-everything! In the presence of Jürgen Brüning (director)


    9,00 € · KLAPPE by Jürgen Brüning

Sprache: Deutsch