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Theater of Erotic Power Carlos Raìz Embodiment of Power dynamics: from struggle to eroticism. We are forced to swallow since our birth the power dynamics of the capitalist system. Being aware of them and of our related emotions is the First goal of this workshop. Playing with them in a Safe Space on consent Basis allows ourselves to create a free space for our dissident eroticism, for deconstructing the toxic power. This is an interactive (non-sexual) role-play workshop open to all kinky people of different bodies and gender Identities with or without any experience with BDSM or Theatre. 120min The workshop is held in English and German. This workshop is beginner-friendly, basic consent knowledge appreciated. It's designed for those interested in exploring explicit power dynamics on a consensual basis, with some BDSM knowledge preferred (at least theoretical). The theater provides a safe, judgment-free space for imaginative and fantastical play, without the need for politically correct scenarios. Set in a dystopian environment, it acknowledges that "everything is false." It's not suitable for those seeking sexual activities or penetration, nor for individuals with homophobic, transphobic attitudes. No form of shaming (kink, body, slut) is tolerated. Carlos Raìz, transgender, porn performer, sex- positive activist, psychologist, theater pedagogue and aspiring filmmaker born in Sicily in 1984 and migrated to Germany in 2015. He acted for 15 years on the stage. He found his truest salvation only in the expression of his dissident eroticism. accessibility: The workshop is open to all genders. The workshop is also open for people with physical disabilities, no matter which kind of (understanding of verbal language is necessary).The workshop is also for neurodivergent people.

Sprache: Deutsch