• Schikaneder Kino

    Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Wien, Austria

PORN ACROSS THE AEGEAN SCREENING presented by Yavuz Kurtulmus & Menelas Siafakas Welcome to a double screening of the latest cinematic collaboration between two directors who, in a geopolitical sense, should not be friends. Each director presents a film infused with essential flavors of their respective countries on opposite sides of the Aegean Sea. They represent seemingly opposing things: East vs. West, Europe vs. Asia, Muslim faith vs. Christianity, Logic vs. Mysticism… Through this project we might discover that there are more similarities than differences hidden in human desire. This screening is the result of a supportive and collaborative friendship between Yavuz Kurtulmus (TR) and Menelas Siafakas (GR), which gave birth to the Aegean Porn Alliance. It’s a project based on intercultural solidarity and commitment against repressive political systems. «η ἰσχύς ἐν τῇ ἐνώσει» / #bettertogether Turkish Hammam, directed by Yavuz Kurtulmus Turkish Hammam is a poignant, erotic tale of forbidden love between two men set against the bustling backdrop of Istanbul's traditional hammams. The film delves into the challenges of a relationship suppressed by societal prejudices, yet held together by the universal forces of love and attraction. This story of two men from different worlds, Vienna and Istanbul, employs silence to depict a universal connection, unfolding a romance steeped in tenderness and unspoken understanding. Ikaros Reborn directed by Menelas In this poetic retelling of the myth of Ikaros, creators Menelas and The Peacock give us a different interpretation to the story and a much happier ending. Shot on location in Ikaria Island, this ancient cautionary tale about the hubris of youth becomes a BDSM love story.

Sprache: Deutsch