• Schikaneder

    Margaretenstraße 22/24, 1040 Wien, Austria

In this program we explore the complexities and depths of feelings and queer love. In ten multi-faceted animated as well as live-action shorts, we experience fight and reconciliation within a short period of time, longing for each other and for what might have been, the opening old emotional wounds, polyamorous dreams, cosmic summer night fantasies, as well as unexpected intimacy in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. Queer love is magical and we invite you to experience it with us on the big screen. RECUERDO DE UNA TARDE EN LA AZOTEA - Tavo Ruiz, MX 2022, 9’ SOLID - Hiroki Iwasa, JP 2021, 13,3’ DISCONNECTED - Maša Zia Lenárdič, Anja Wutej, DE 2018, 8’ ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCES I EVER HAD - Colin Ginks, PT 2021, 1,3’ ROADS NOT TAKEN - Kat Rohrer, AT 2021, 19’ SUMMER NIGHT’S FANTASY - Guby Moon, ES 2022, 5,40’ BLUE NOISE (Original: BLAUES RAUSCHEN) - Simon Maria Kubiena, DE 2022, 16,3’ PENCO IS LOVE - Obrero, CL 2022, 5,35’ CLAP - Esteph Medusa, BE 2022, 6,52’ JUNE - Efthymios Charmalias, GR 2023, 1,45’ CAB RIDE - Ola Jones, Femi Tiwo, GB 2023, 12’

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Sprache: Deutsch