• Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus

    Akademiestraße 13, 1010 Wien, Austria

These seven shorts represent the diversity of our program and give you a glimpse of what to expect at Queer Shorts Vienna: from a dreamlike queer opera, to animated fairy-like characters fighting gender binary, episodes from a sauna that acts as a place to be free from bodie norms, to rage as a political force, a performative release from a toxic relationship, a glimpse into the colorful and loud world of drag wrestling, to a cab ride full of possibilities for two lovers. Celebrate the grand opening of Queer Shorts Vienna 2023 with us! PIQUE DAME: LISA’S KATHARSIS - Martin Willibald Meisl, AT 2023, 13’ THINE OWN SELF - Evan Bode, US 2021, 5,5’ I WILL BREAK YOUR FACE - Michael Neulinger, AT 2023, 6,16’ IN THEIR DREAMS ALL THE JELLYFISH ARE WET (Original: IM TRAUM SIND ALLE QUALLEN FEUCHT) - Marie Luise Lehner, AT 2023, 27’ FEMME RAGE - Sarah Taborga, Aima Paule, US 2023, 2,5’ CHOKEHOLE: DRAG WRESTLERS DO DEUTSCHLAND - Yony Leyser, DE 2022, 22’ CAB RIDE - Ola Jones, Femi Tiwo, GB 2023, 12’ TURKISH HAMMAM - Yavuz Kurtulmuş, TR/AT 2023, 9,10'



Sprache: Deutsch