• Schikaneder

    Margaretenstraße 22/24, 1040 Wien, Austria

This multifaceted program is an approach to the great concept of identity. Who we are and how our environment treats us. Through a variety of creative means, documentary, autobiographical, animated, in dreams as well as in reality, the filmmakers show us what identity means to them. We can expect an excursion into contemporary history, the surrealistic world of a repressed self, an insight into the lives of trans people in Iran, a rebellion against gender dysphoria, sport as liberation, families that do not show acceptance and, on the other hand, friends who offer all the more support. MONSTERS - Maddie Lock, GB 2023, 10’ UNNAMED (Original: بی نام) - Iranmehr Salimi, IR 2022, 13’ BUTTERFLIES IN BERLIN - DIARY OF A SOUL SPLIT IN TWO - Monica Manganelli, DE 2019, 20’ IT’S MY FUCKING STORY - Jennifer Gartler, AT 2023, 12’ UNBOXING GENDER - Claire Bower, Manuela Novoa Villada, Shabnam Singla, AT 2023, 6’ EDGE (Original: SKRAJ) - Edmund Aleksander Krempiński, Jakub Dylewski, PL 2023, 17,5’ PIECE BY PIECE (Original: Stück für Stück) - Reza Rasouli, AT 2023, 8,5’ BUTTERFLY - Lazarus Lazarides, GR 2020, 9,5’ TOKOPHOBIA - Scripter Beaumont, US 2023, 2,4’ ONE DAY AT A TIME - Eyurbaby, GR 2023, 1,5’

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Sprache: Deutsch