• Schikaneder

    Margaretenstraße 22/24, 1040 Wien, Austria

Immerse yourself in artistic expressions. This wide-ranging program uses a wide variety of art forms, from animation to dance, song and drag-wrestling. The format is often experimental, the themes are varied: from wearing and taking off masks, to performative escapes, nature as a place of retreat, breaking free from gender binary, breaking stereotypical and sexist representations of lesbians in film, the search for warmth and security, to coming out as a trans* person. HOW TO DISREMEMBER WINTER - Mari Moraga, BR 2023, 15’ THINE OWN SELF - Evan Bode, US 2021, 5,5’ CRACKS WILL COME (Original: Vienen las grietas) - Daniel Mateo Vallejo, CO 2022, 18,5’ TOKOPHOBIA - Scripter Beaumont, US 2023, 2,4’ TWISTED DISTINCTION - Nicky Miller, DE 2023, 7,18’ HEAD BOY - Lee Campbell, GB 2022, 2,4’ CHOKEHOLE: DRAG WRESTLERS DO DEUTSCHLAND - Yony Leyser, DE 2022, 22’ THE GIFT - Julian Tapprich, AT, 2022, 0,4’ PROGRESSION - "THE DEATH OF GABY GET'CHA" - Martin Willibald Meisl, AT 2022, 4’ LIQUID LYRICAL LIBERTY - Silvia Marcantoni Taddei, IT 2021, 7' I WILL BREAK YOUR FACE - Michael Neulinger, AT 2023, 6,16’ NOT YOUR ORDINARY SISTER - Maša Zia Lenárdič, Anja Wutej, DE 2019, 4,15’

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Sprache: Deutsch